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Original 4 Colors Bario Rice Porridge (5+ Months)

RM17.91 RM19.90 10% OFF

Product Description

  • Conventional planting by local tribes

  • Harvested once a year

  • Gluten and Lactose-free

  • No Genetically Modified Organism

  • No preservatives

    - Famous for it softness,  fresh,  nutritious is ideal for Baby porridge.  

    - Black and Red rices very good for immunisation as well high mineral and vitamins.

    - Paddy cultivating by mountain water,  cool weather, six months growing to mature,  Chemical and herbicides free so that attribute the finest rices, famous with its soft,  sticky and freshness.

Delivery Areas: Within Malaysia ONLY

Delivery Fees as below:

  1. West Malaysia: First 1kg - RM6, next 1Kg - RM1.50

  2. East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) : First 1Kg - RM14, next 1Kg - RM14


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